Jenny (creativedreamin) wrote in richlan_ic,

Round 047

Time for a new challenge! And since it's been weeks since the finale aired, I give you 9 screencaps from "Tears" :)

» You may only enter up to 4 icons
» Remember include both of the characters on your icon(s)
» You can only use the pictures provided
» Do not share your icons until after the challenge is over
» Blending and reusing pictures is allowed
» Text, brushes and textures are all encouraged
» Special Categories will be: Best Crop, Best Text, Best Blending and Best Sky (I inform you of this beforehand in order to be able to make icons that would fit these special categories)

Last day to post icons: Friday June 18th @ 8PM GMT
Voting will start: Friday June 18th
Winners will be announced: Monday June 21st

Submit your entries by commenting with both images and urls. All comments will be screened.

Tags: *round 047
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