Jenny (creativedreamin) wrote in richlan_ic,

Round 048

Time for round 048! This time I give you 9 screencaps from "Elixir" to remember the good old times when Kahlan and Richard fell in love!

» You may only enter up to 4 icons
» Remember include both of the characters on your icon(s)
» You can only use the pictures provided
» Do not share your icons until after the challenge is over
» Blending and reusing pictures is allowed
» Text, brushes and textures are all encouraged
» Special Categories will be: Best Complicated, Best Texture, Best Negative Space and Best Green

Last day to post icons: Friday July 2nd @ 8PM GMT
Voting will start: Friday July 2nd
Winners will be announced: Monday July 5th

Submit your entries by commenting with both images and urls. All comments will be screened.

Tags: *round 048
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